Course curriculum

  • 1

    Supplies Needed

    • Supplies

  • 2

    Colour Theory

    • Introduction

    • Colours in Monet

    • Quiz

    • Primary & Secondary Colours

    • Painted Colour Wheels

    • Colour Wheel

  • 3

    Abstract Art

    • Abstract Art

    • Quiz

    • Mondrian

    • Quiz

    • Create Your Own

    • Composition Template

    • Keywords

Parents Reviews

Happy children and parents are important to the successful running of workshops. Please email directly for any problems you have with the workshops so they can be resolved. If you are happy with everything please leave a review.
5 star rating

Great thank you! 😀

Nicola Peevor

It was great! (Jonty, 7)

It was great! (Jonty, 7)

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Donna Hussey

Donna founder of Builders Learning UK - activity provider offering services to schools, corporations and hotels in London and the South East in the form of interventions, workshops, family fun days, holiday and after school clubs. In 2020 the introduction of online courses has expanded the reach of workshops worldwide. Donna is a mum of three with over a decade of experience working in education. Qualifications and Certificates include BA(Hons) History with English, CELTA Certificate in English Language teaching to Adults and LEGO® Bricks based Therapy.